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Sell Fast Connecticut
How We Work

We Buy Houses In EVERY CONDITION in 3 easy steps. NO HASSLE. NO COMMITMENT. NO COMMISSIONS. You can get a cash offer now without any obligations.


    We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in CT. Get a fair cash offer quickly today! Complete the form below or call us at (860) 777-1330.

    How Does Our Purchasing Process Work?

    step 1 sell fast

    Send us details about your house

    step 2 sell fast

    Schedule a meeting to see your property and review the details.

    step 3 sell fast

    We’ll quote you a reasonable offer in 1 day.

    step 4 sell fast

    Close in 7 days and pay you cash

    Timeframe: Our home sale process is speedy. We can send you a fair cash offer 8  minutes after you send your property details. Share pictures and any information that would paint a vivid picture of your house before we visit in person. We’ll start all documentation necessary for closing immediately after you accept our bid. You’ll have your cash in hand within 3-30 days.
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    You will love our quick and easy our process

    We buy houses in every area in Connecticut. However, several factors differentiate us from realtors. In fact, the only similarity we share with realtors is that we help homeowners sell houses. But we don’t list the properties on MLS. We buy houses directly. Hence, we can pay you cash and close ASAP without any financial contingencies. Plus, our all-cash offer goes straight into your pocket. So you won’t spend any money on commissions, repairs, or anything.

    Selling to us is entirely different from selling through real estate agents. We close quickly and buy ANY kind of house as-is. Need a cash offer? Our team will send you an offer for your rundown house and settle the repairs.

    How Do We Buy Houses Fast Connecticut

    Our buying process is effortless. Once you request our NO COMMITMENT offer, we’ll send it to you within a day. Getting an offer is that straightforward. No commission, obligation, or realtors are involved in our purchasing process. Have questions about our procedure? Great! We’ll try our best to answer the common questions we’ve curated below. If you have any questions after going through this FAQ, call us!

    In a bid to clear all confusion, here’s a list of FAQs

    Scroll down to find out answers.

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    How does our house purchasing process work?

    We aimed for the most uncomplicated procedure. Hence, our approach is easy. We even give free cash offers without any obligations. Let’s shed more light on our process.

    That’s all there is when it comes to receiving a cash offer!

    Sell your house - we buy ugly homes

    What factors do you consider for your quote?

    Our team is an expert at determining the worth of your property. Consequently, we only deliver a competitive price. Considering how crucial your home is, we’ll strive to give the highest possible offer.

    But to give you an excellent bid that checks all the boxes for you, we need to work with details about your pressing demands like:

    Your answer to these questions guides our fair offer. But, of course, every client is different, and their properties are also peculiar. As a result, we consider the style, location, and condition to deliver a personalized cash offer.

    How do you calculate cash offers?

    “How much is my house worth?” is a question that rings in every homeowner’s mind. You are about to find out. There are, however, some essential rules guiding our offer. How much can we afford to pay for your house? Let’s see…

    Our Unique Home Buying Formula

    We determine the cost of a house through a purchasing formula. For clarity, we’ll go over the four components of this approach.  But first, what’s the formula?



    ARV is an abbreviation for After Repair Value. It means the retail value of your house, provided it doesn’t need any repairs and appears attractive to potential customers. This ARV assumes there is no deferred management or any fixes required. 


    Making repairs is a lot of risk. It’s subjective because you may discover more repairs while remodeling the house. For example, it’s not a rarity to discover a plumbing concern while renovating a bathroom. It’s also normal to discover a foundation issue while fixing the flooring. Consequently, we carefully inspect properties before making a quote. But that doesn’t guarantee an accurate estimate of necessary repairs. At best, we can make provisions for unforeseen repairs in our offer.

    Transaction cost

    The transaction cost consists of several kinds of expenses. For instance, the loan fees, which include interest-only monthly investment and loan origination fees, is charged by our lender. This cost is about 2-5% of the renovation costs. Therefore, the transaction cost is expected to be about 15% of the total cost.

    Minimum Profit

    We fend for our families through real estate. Moreover, we can only stay relevant and fund our marketing deals by making profits. Although our profit margin isn’t fixed, we always aim for 15% of the sale price. Nevertheless, we’ll also be cool with a 10% profit.

    Our profit is at risk whenever we purchase a hoarder’s property because one error in the cash offer can eat up some of our gains. However, we can’t always have a perfect estimate for repairs. But we work cautiously while dealing with figures and rely on the 15% profit to provide a soft landing when unexpected expense sneaks up on us.

    Your Fair Cash Offer

    The total of our minimum profit and transaction costs amounts to 30%. Thus, ARV- 30% – transaction cost = You Fair Cash Offer. Our offers are predetermined and never change. You’ll get the exact amount in our cash offer when we close. That’s the allure of selling to a cash buyer.

    Wondering how much we can offer for your house?

    What details do we need to process the home sale?

    How long does the whole process take?

    We’ll close ASAP. Typically, we strive to finalize the sales in 7 days and pay you cash. We envisage barriers to the sales and resolve them instantly to avoid setbacks.

    We’ll provide the essential documents for a fast sale to the title company. This includes the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) and purchases agreement.  We try to resolve all concerns to avoid any setbacks in closing quickly.
    The title company will evaluate your title to check if it’s perfect and transferable. We’ll correct every title-related issue detected before continuing the proceedings. At this stage, we’ll apply for our funding and make a scheduled visit to the property to review our details. Some of our partners or contractors may inspect the properties as well.
    Finally, you will get paid and receive cash within 7 days. If an issue crops up, it might take 10-28 days, depending on how soon we can resolve it.

    Need a free all-cash offer with NO-COMMITMENT? Please contact us now.