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Selling Your Home To Sell Fast Connecticut
Vs. Sold Via A Local Connecticut Realtor

It’s necessary to consider different options when you decide to sell your home, even in an excellent seller market like Connecticut. When you are listing with a local real estate agent in Connecticut, there’s a chance that you may get more bucks for sales. But besides the proceeds from a sale, you should consider other factors when selling a house. Below, we have mentioned some advantages and drawbacks of working with a Realtor versus Sell Fast Connecticut.

Sold to us

Sold via an agent

Commissions no commmissionNo commission 5 or 6% commission paid by you
Appraisal no appraisalNo appraisal required Sale is contingent on appraisal
Who pays the closing fee? no closing costsNo closing costs – we pay the cost 2% – closing costs 100% paid by seller
Closing date choose your move out dateChoose any date  15-45 days after you accept an offer
Who makes repairs? no repairsNo repairs– we’ll handle it Negotiated before closing on sales. Often done by seller
Financial contingency no contingenciesNo contingencies Sale fall through when financing plans fail
Showings no high traffic showingsWe’ll check once. Our partners and contractor will also take a look. High traffic. Several showings
Who markets the house? no marketingNo marketing required Mailers, Ads, staging, and property websites.
Average days it takes to sell close fast     3-30 days 30-120 days.

We Purchase Houses In All Conditions And Situations

No matter how extreme your situation or condition is, we’ve got you covered. Sell Fast Connecticut is a reasonable channel for selling your home if you have a problematic tenant, rundown house, or probate property. If you are not in a hurry and have a beautiful house, a realtor could pull the necessary strings to get you a great offer on the market. Frankly, you can’t get a full retail value from us because we are investors. But sometimes, a realtor’s service can’t hold a candle to ours. From Offer, skip right to closing and get paid in 7 days. Feels like a sped-up version of listing on the market, eh?

For details about our process, fill out a web form or call us at 860-777-1330.

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* Inspection Contingency: If a house is in bad condition, the buyer can opt out of the purchase agreement. * Financial Contingency: The buyer can wiggle out of the deal if they can’t acquire the necessary funds to purchase the house. It often occurs when a home doesn’t appraise at the offer price. * Sell Fast Connecticut doesn’t rely on any contingencies. Furthermore, we don’t rely on bank loans to buy a house; You don’t have to worry about us pulling out of the deal.